A guitar that has a thin finish that's spent most of its life outdoors at festivals is going to be much more dark/yellow than a similar guitar that's been in its case most of the time. I have found that redwood, somewhat heavier and stiffer along the grain than cedar, is the better match for my building style, often exhibiting headroom approaching that of spruce. Top, back and sides, fretboard were from you guys. £7.87. The quality of the wood and the seasoning process is essential in a good classical guitar. Stonebridge OM (34SROM): This is the top of the line from StoneBridge. Spruce top guitars have a wonderful blooming tone, with bell-like trebles and basses that are low and full but tend more toward the mid range. Questions? Buy Acoustic Guitar Spruce Guitar Building & Luthier Supplies and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Acoustic Guitar Aged Vintage Gloss Finish D-14 Fret Body Size Solid Adirondack VTS Spruce Top Authentic 1939 Rearward $6,729.00 Martin 000-42 Authentic 1939 Acoustic Guitar Natural There are only a couple of marks on the guitar other than pure aging. I was visiting recently with a fellow who worked for a major guitar manufacturer for many years. I know I can't control what they do with it after it leaves my shop, but I have two of my early guitars that have stayed in the same room - literally next to each other on stands - for 3 years and one is quite a bit darker than the other. How much does the spruce top age and color? You could start with a coat or two of one of the darker shellacs, like garnet, as a sealer. Another option would be to apply a coat of glaze after your first few coats of lacquer, this could not only impart color but also mimic patina if done correctly. The darker one is a 2005 I bought used; apparently in the year the previous owner had it, he (or she) played it outdoors a lot. Nice sound higher end Fender Acoustic 70's Fender F-75 MIJ wth Rosewood Back and Sides and Spruce Solid Top with incredible grain. Personally, I like the lighter top, but I know a lot of guys who would love their spruce tops to have the 'ginger ale' tone of my 2005. If you are looking to consistently replicate that mellow old finish look you will need to do a bit more than just lacquer. Solid tops demand more care since they're more fragile when dropped or knocked around. Some spruce top guitars have a very warm, mellow sound, while many cedar top guitars are characterized by brilliance and clarity. Concert classical Double top model 650mm scale length with 52mm nut width European spruce/Canadian cedar All wood lattice bracing Indian rosewood back & sides Brace-less arched back African mahogany neck Raised ebony fingerboard Adjustable Truss Rod Arm rest & sound port 12 hole tie block bridge Der Jung tuning machines (Models differ according to availability) All Spruce top guitars also have a tone palette that is sensitive and highly nuanced. Why I don’t make sitka spruce guitars. 3908, AAA Grade. Could it be some tops have been exposed to more sunlight than others since leaving your shop? ... 2014 3A GRADE EUROPEAN SPRUCE ACOUSTIC GUITAR TOP #1. All guitars at Wild West are professionally set up and prepared for you. Higher-end solid top guitars usually cost $500 or more. Guitar western Spruce Top No. On the right is my other 210, purchased new in April. Not Sitka, but I'm french polishing my latest, and I'll take it outside in the sun, sorta to "harden" the build. I have seen 5+ yr. old 815s that have a darker top but I don't know whether it has aged or whether that is basically the color of the top originally. How does a cedar top compare with spruce after an instrument has been played for a few years? Indian Rosewood back & sides with aged Spruce top. Notice how dark the top appears, this is not from any toner, but from the aging process they utilize. just make sure it is de-waxed so the lacquer will bond. Put it in a sunny room on a stand away from the light source and be patient. Well-constructed cedar and redwood guitars can have exceptionally full tonal signatures as well as the balance, responsiveness, and punch of spruce guitars. For comparison pick up a Martin with a spruce top – these are renowned for taking years to mellow out – and any cedar guitar … This time, after making eleven spruce-top guitars for GSI, Bertrand is going make for us a cedar-top instrument! For some musicians, the sound it produces is a clearer, balanced, and more sustained. French luthier, Bertrand Ligier, has shared with us some behind the scenes photos of his new GSI guitar. Lots of guitars with laminated tops sound quite good. Guitar archtop Spruce Top No. I'm in the mid 20's on guitar builds now and all but 3 have been Sitka tops. Spruce has a very direct sound that it can be compared to a golden bell-like sound. Keep in mind these guitars are identical, except for sun exposure... General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion. The best ones sound pretty darned good on day one. That's not necessarily a bad thing, of course. So if you’re debating between a guitar that has Sitka or Englemann Spruce as the top, read on to see which might suit your needs better. Perhaps a refinish with toner is the answer. How much does the spruce top age and color? It was beautiful. The coupling of a spruce top with rosewood or mahogany back and sides is a tough ... aging, to cut down moisture content; and seasoning, to stabilize the wood. ... Martin Custom Shop D-14F Adirondack Spruce Top Cocobolo Back Side Aging Toner. The HD-28V has never had a red spruce top. The guitar not only looks like it has an old top… I really can't see much difference in the color on the freshly thicknessed tops when I'm starting a new build - they have all seemed very similar in color - but some have darkened much more than others over time. Adirondack Spruce was used for the tops on many of the great pre-war American guitars. Martin Custom Shop 000-14F Adirondack Spruce Top with Cocobolo Aging … Many new guitars sound a bit indistinct and harsh. But guitars made with Adirondack tops do indeed sound more opened up, with played notes encountering less resistance from the soundboard, so the tone swells effortlessly in all directions, rather than skipping along the surface of the voice like a stone across a lake – my typical metaphor when describing the sound from a brand new Adirondack spruce top. I'm more interested in being able to avoid a situation where a top darkens more than a customer wants and he/she ends up disliking the overall look of the guitar. 26th May 2017. Different tops age at different rates. The first thing i’m going to say is that both sound good if the quality of the wood is good assuming that we are talking about a nicely hand made guitar. I really can't see much difference in the color on the freshly thicknessed tops when I'm starting a new build - they have all seemed very similar in color - but some have darkened much more than others over time. I have seen 5+ yr. old 815s that have a darker top but I don't know whether it has aged or whether that is basically the color of the top originally. Rated 5.00 out of 5. Or you could add a touch of tint to your lacquer, but the overall tone will be determined by number of coats and their thickness. However, after sustaining serious top damage, I sent it back to Nazareth for repair and requested aging toner on new top. They will usually sound better and be easier to play. Spruce top guitars vary in the quality of tone they produce. Guitar tops (soundboards) for acoustic guitars out of German Spruce, sizes and dimensions, quality characteristics, criteria for finest grade tops, grading system, brace wood. Spruce top guitar or Cedar top guitar?. £12.00 postage. Now, as the guitar top gets UV exposure over the years, the clear lacquer will darken, as will the light spruce underneath. To me, European Spruce produces the most sophisticated tonal range of all the top woods.” via Traphagen Guitars Engelmann Spruce: A white creamy coloured wood that is softer than sitka. In fact, the HD-28LSV was the only Vintage Series guitar (that I can think of at the moment) to ever have a red spruce top in regular production. Picea Abies "I just placed an order for top, back & sides, fretboard. Both change in tone, getting smoother but more clear. Play with the cut to get the shade you want. They don't change much with playing, so you know from the beginning what it's going to sound like. European Spruce AAA $110.00. Generally a bit more mellow sounding than euro or sitka possibly due to being slightly less stiff. re: Making a spruce top guitar darker.. Posted by TheFretShack on 2/14/16 at 7:49 am to auggie Best bet is to expose it to natural UV in indirect sunlight, "indirect" because you don't want to pseudo-greenhouse it in a window sill or the like and potentially harm the finish or adhesives, warp the pickguard, etc. A player with a good touch will get an incredible variety of tones and timbres from a spruce top guitar. I've noticed that there is a lot of variation in how much the color of the tops darken with age. I also know that if a customer wants it to stay light in color, there are other species of Spruce that I can choose. I have used the same finish on all guitars - McFadden's nitro lacquer. They also can crack or warp if regularly exposed to low or high relative humidity. 189, AAA Grade. Find out why this is so important: Pro Guitar Setup. Skip to main content Skip to footer site5127474188160893252 New 514325 Manuel Rodriguez E Spruce Top Classical Guitar false Context for the Englemann, Sitka Choice Whilst it is true that Englemann and Sitka have different sounds qualities, and one may be more suited than the other for a particular purpose, it’s also true that the points below will hold true to varying degrees. Many guitarmakers today believe that this wood is a significant contributing factor to the strong, clear tone of those vintage/collectible instruments. Often, when visiting my home to try the guitars in person, buyers who originally intended to buy a cedar top instrument will end up selecting the spruce top … The popular wisdom on spruce vs. cedar is that a cedar top sounds great from the moment a new guitar is strung up, whilst a spruce top takes a while to ‘loosen up’ and continues to mellow for many years. Aging toner is colored dye added to the lacquer, and often the color chosen is pretty far off the mark, if you ask me. Bertrand is a great luthier who is always reflecting on the construction methods of his guitars. is that why there is so many taylor guitars that I've seen kind of yellow on the spruce area or strika? I've noticed that there is a lot of variation in how much the color of the tops darken with age. Presenting, Spruce top vs. Cedar top Sound Produced by Spruce. Quite so. His opinion is that cedar sounds very good when a guitar is newer, but the sound deteriorates as the guitar ages. Then of course you could always stain or dye your tops prior to finishing. As you know acoustic guitars get better with age and open up more as the wood is played in and with cedar this happens faster giving a richness of tone sooner. Tonewood Spruce Spruce B/C Ware Top Cap Strips Guitar Tonewood Blank Wood 390. I'm sending a pic of the guitar I just finished for a guy in Mass. Board index » Luthiers Forum Rooms » Guitar Building Forum, Users browsing this forum: ihor and 13 guests. We take into account grain runout, quartering accuracy, grain count gradation, and avoidance of knots, grain bends, color streaks, pitch pockets, and other problems. Rated 5.00 out of 5. Martin Custom Shop 000-14F Adirondack Spruce Top with Cocobolo Aging Toner LR Baggs Electric-Acoustic. The darkest shellacs do a great job but it is a bit difficult to keep it even. My question is 'can you tell from looking at a "fresh" top how much it may darken with age?'. FEATURES. It all depends on conditions/finish. He felt that cedar topped guitars became"Mushy" sounding after several years. Yes, I'd be sure a "select spruce top" is laminated. £68.00. Best advice is to start doing some samples on scraps from your soundboards until you find what works for you and gives the desired result. This website uses cookies to allow us to offer you the best possible user experience. Solely owned and operated by Lance Kragenbrink, Color Changes and Aging on Sitka Spruce Tops, Re: Color Changes and Aging on Sitka Spruce Tops, http://davidnewtonguitars.squarespace.com/. Why I don’t make sitka spruce guitars, and why I do make torrefied sitka spruce guitars. It's for his son who graduates Dec. 20th. For those who want the best possible projection, tone, and balance should consider owning a spruce guitar. Speaking of how spruce tops and their tones...here's a pic of my two 210's. There is a reason I don’t usually make guitars with Sitka spruce soundboards: I’ve not liked the majority of guitars I’ve tried that had Sitka spruce … I'm in the mid 20's on guitar builds now and all but 3 have been Sitka tops. JOINING RED SPRUCE TOPS: We draw a guitar pattern on each high-grade top based on a careful examination of all four surfaces of each set. Bear in mind of course no two pieces of wood are the same and there will always be differences and variations....that's the natural beauty of wood.