How and When to Plant Iris Bulbs in (Pot, Garden, and Ground) Height/Spread: 2 to 3 feet tall, 1 to 2 feet wide Buy now on Amazon. Bearded irises should be planted shallowly and anchored. The genus Iris has about 200 species and is native to the North Temperate regions of the world. The best time to plant iris rhizomes or bulbs is late summer to early autumn to allow them plenty of time to establish roots before the growing season ends. Height: 3 feet Color: Pale white standard (center) petals, soft apricot fall (outer) petals. Mulch should not be used on top of rhizomes or near the foliage as it can cause rot. Color: Violet. Bees and butterflies are drawn to it, but deer tend not to eat it, and the plant is also resistant to rabbits. Steve Schreiner, of Schreiner’s Iris Gardens in Oregon, says, “There are two reasons irises don’t bloom: planted too deep or not enough sun.” Iris bulbs, such as Dutch irises, should be planted at a depth of 5 inches, pointed end up and roots down, spacing them at 6 bulbs per square foot. The bulbous irises are typically smaller than rhizome irises and usually produce smaller blossoms. £8.00. ⚠ Version 1 of The Plant List has been superseded. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Iris (family Iridaceae).. Siberian iris is not as showy as many other types of irises are, but it makes up for this by being easy to grow and more drought-tolerant. Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer Crested irises are often considered in the same manner as the beardless iris. Iris ‘Princess Caroline de Monaco’Tall bearded iris, Zones: 3-9 Garden Auger Drill Bit 1.6x16.5inch Garden Auger Spiral Drill Bit Rapid Planter for 3/8” Hex Drive Drill - for Tulips, Iris, Bedding Plants and Digging Weeds Roots 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,016 $17.99 $ 17 . Exposure: Full sun Bloom Time: June and August/September A purple iris is symbolic of wisdom and compliments. Iridaceae. The Purple Iris is the state flower of Tennessee. Often the flowers and leaves are found on bamboo like stems which can vary in height from 5-200 centimeters in height. It only needs a very small amount of water in the colder months of the year. After planting, iris rhizomes produce sword like leaves that overlap, forming flat fans of green foliage. Copyright With many different types and colors available, there is an iris for nearly every garden. However, if you’re growing crested iris plants in full sun, then you’ll need to ensure the soil doesn’t dry out. Therefore the flower iris in the language of flowers symbolizes eloquence. Exposure: Full sun to partial shade URBANA, Ill. - There aren’t very many plants that come in a wider range of color than iris. All Rights Reserved. Color: Dark purple. Height: Foliage to 2-1/2 feet, flower stalks to 3 feet Dutch hybrids tend to bloom earlier than the tall bearded rhizomatous varieties and are the well-known variety featured in florist’s spring bouquets. A flower on the Sphinx is considered to be an Iris, and another appears on a bas-relief of the time of the 18th Egyptian dynasty. Exposure: Full sun Angiosperms. Vase longevity is affected by temperature, with a maximum vase life of about one week. Zones: 3-9 Perhaps you've heard it called fan iris, a name it gets from the appearance of its sword-shaped leaves which form a fan of greenery. Problem #1: Planting Your Bearded Iris Too Deep. Bloom Time: April Or maybe you know it as apostle plant, a name given to it because some believe the plant needs twelve leaves before it will bloom. Some bloom in June. This is one of the most common reasons for How to Plant Bearded Iris not to grow in size or to produce the big, fabulous blooms they're known for. Iris × vinicolor Small; Iris × vinicolor Small is an accepted name . In the past 50 years, thousands of cultivars in various colors, sizes, and forms have been developed. Iris 'Champagne Elegance'Tall bearded reblooming iris The Plants Database includes the following 52 species of Iris .Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. Prepare the planting beds up to two weeks ahead by loosening soil to a depth of 10-12 inches to establish good drainage. For more on planting bulbs see Bulbs 101: Planting and Storing Bulbs. Zones: 3-9 Presby Memorial Iris Gardens in New Jersey, for example, is a living iris museum with over 10,000 plants, while in Europe the most famous iris garden is arguably the Giardino dell'Iris in Florence (Italy) which every year hosts a well attended iris breeders' competition. Free postage. Currently being bulked up in the Kitchen Garden. They all shed their leaves after the blooming season and go into a dormant phase over summer. Plant database entry for Irises (Iris) with 504 images, 2 comments, and 5 data details. 2. Height/Spread: 3 to 4 feet tall, 1 to 2 feet wide * Required | We will never sell or distribute your email to any other parties or organizations. Neomarica sp. Angiosperms. When to plant: fall for most rhizomes and bulbs; if transplanting Japanese live roots and fans, any time. Miniature iris bulbs, or dwarf Dutch iris (Iris reticulata), only grow up to 2 feet tall and produce small, iris-like flowers. Sign up for our e-mail and be the first who know our special offers! Large blooms can be up to 6 inches across. One of the most popular tall bearded irises, a fast grower and prolific bloomer. Buy now on Amazon, Zones: 3-9 - Garden … In hotter climates, they can be planted in September or October. Three popular irises in this group are Bearded, Beardless and Crested Irises. Bulbous irises grow from bulbs that require a period of dormancy after they have bloomed. Zones: 3-8 Furthermore, we will give a 10% discount on the next order after you sign up. Exposure: Full sun to part shade Irises, especially the multitude of bearded types, feature regularly in shows such as the Chelsea Flower Show. Bloom Time: May Some, however, may need to be cut with a knife. Cut back the flowering stalks after flowering, but leave the foliage intact so it can continue to gather and store nutrients and energy to be stored for the following season. Iris are known to be toxic to pets, with the bulb being the most toxic part. Irises need full sun at least half the day. Meanwhile to check our Corporate Gift Guide, © Pickupflowers | Giftinginc 2020. Want to learn more about growing Irises and other flowers? Irises come in many different sizes, some as short as six inches and others can grow up to four feet. 50 bulbs IRIS BLUE MAGIC HOLLANDICA + 4" FREE REUSABLE PLANT LABEL . Iris Flower: Varieties to Grow and How to Care for Them | HGTV Since Iris is the Greek goddess for the Messenger of Love, her sacred flower is considered the symbol of communication and messages. Discover the most popular irises including tall bearded irises, Siberian irises, Japanese irises, Dutch irises and more. The Iris family includes over 200 varieties in a wide spectrum of colors, including purple and blue iris. Bloom Time: Early to mid-summer A yellow iris symbolizes passion while white iris symbolizes purity. Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer / late summer to early fall Iris Events & Societies Woottens Bearded Iris Open Fields. Reblooming varieties will produce flowers once in summer and again in fall. Dig the rhizomes up carefully and divide them by pulling apart with your hands. Divide the clumps and plant single rhizomes, spacing them 8 to 18 inches apart according to the effect desired. 100 DWARF IRIS BULBS 'RETICULATA' | Spring Flowering Bulbs Garden Plants. All Rights Reserved, YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY DURING THESE UNPRECEDENTED TIMES AS WE CONTINUE TO DELIVER WORLDWIDE, The Iris flower's characteristic feature is having three petals often called the. In lighter soil or extremely hot climates, the planting depth should be up to 1-1/2 inches. Good drought-tolerant companions are: daylily. Buy now on Amazon, Zones: 3-9 The rhizome looks like a long, thin potato with roots underneath. Photo by: Elizabeth Foster / Shutterstock. Make sure to have some root and a leaf or two in each section. To keep multi-flowered irises looking pretty, they can be trimmed from the top down as flowers open and fade. Photo by: Nadzeya Pakhomava / Shutterstock. Within those groups are countless species, varieties, cultivars and hybrids, according to the American Iris Society. On this page: Basics | Types of Irises | Planting Irises | Care | Iris Pictures | Design Tips. 99 In autumn, trim away dead foliage and prune back healthy leaves to a height of 4 to 5 inches.