Portfoliobox is equipped with galleries where you can post your work. If it makes a difference in yours, don’t forget to mention it in your portfolio, also make it a visible element so no one misses it. And my website isn’t live yet? Hi! ), but now I don’t see an “upload” button whatsoever in the box where you have to put your photo’s while creating a portfolio enty. I can’t seem to do it properly.. Do you mean like in this post example? This really is everything that people need to know about you at this point. Automatically a new contact form will be generated for you. Is your portfolio your homepage? However, it never arrived in my inbox. Is it a known problem or do I have to submit it in the supporting forum ? For example, if you’ve selected WordPress as your platform of choice, you can use a free theme like Shapely to get a nice minimalistic look: That sums up our guide on how to make an online portfolio. I want them as big as your example of Contact Page, but can´t find how to do it. Then, you can easily send the link to prospective employers or clients. For example, from here: You can install a plugin to change the order of your portfolio albums. Portfolio page in Menu not clickable when viewing at “smart phone” mode (small screen size). I would love to just see the images when viewing the portfolio. When I check the box “Show Primary Menu in Header” the drop-down menu disappears but the menu doesn’t appear in the Header and there is no longer any way of accessing the menu for the viewer. https://www.instagram.com/bellevuebluff/. I’m not sure how this would look but maybe it’s worth a try! Then click the “Save Menu” button. I tried to follow the steps of the Hamilton Style Guide to displayed the images wider than the content column on desktop without succesful. Is there a way to edit the ‘View Gallery’ text in each of the item of portfolio? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Don’t worry about the gallery order, I’ll show you how to re-arrange them later on! I’m 61 and everything about technology gives me a headache! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This only makes the experience worse for the person reading. If you choose the hamburger menu (hidden behind a button), you can go to Appearance > Menu, create a new Menu and assign it to “Secondary Menu”. Sorry to say that Lightbox galley can’t have links there. I don’t see a widgets menu in the customizer. I was just wondering how you’re able to put the pictures side by side in the blog post?? Hi Matt, Photonic takes up the whole space – it is just that the space your theme gives is quite little. In the Appearance > Menus area you would use the “categories” tab to find all your blog categories. Go ahead and create a couple of galleries for your portfolio now. When uploading is done, click on “Activate”. Select your Portfolio as your Front page and click the “Save Changes” button. I created 12 galleries for my portfolio page. There seems to be a lot of white space on the sides of the galleries. How to Register a Domain Name, WordPress Hosting After you subscribe to an account (both free and premium memberships available), you can start working on your portfolio right away. When I download the portfolio plugin it is not showing up as a page in the menu section, It is only showing up as portfolio categories and portfolio entries in the menu section. I adore this theme, but I’d love to know whether there’s any way to enable HTML under Theme Options < Front Page Title. Your formal education isn’t always something that matters in certain fields or industries. Go to Settings > Reading and in the Posts page area select your Blog page. I tried to put it in the description, but even though I get clickable link, the text that is linked is not visible. So you’re wondering how to make an online portfolio. I’d suggest that you go to Minimalist support forum and create a new support topic there. It was created automatically when you installed the Easy Photography Portfolio Plugin. I was wondering though how to add widgets. Hello, Always aim to have at least one current project displayed in the portfolio. Do you know what can I do? Sorry for my english, I’m french ! Thanks, Is this your website? -Your content is set to be only 560px wide via your theme’s definition for .section-inner.thin. The site turned out really well. There a couple of design decisions that you should make before you start to populate your site with content. Then you would go to Portfolio > Portfolio Settings and assign your new portfolio page to “Portfolio Home Page” because you will want all your portfolio entries to show up on this page. You can see it “live” if you open a new browser tab and type your website address in the URL field. The plugins I have tried show buttons on regular pages, but not on portfolio homepage or other category pages added to my main menu. Just ‘Sample page’ and ‘Contact’ page are there. I wanted to try out the contact form, so (in the adminsite) I sent myself a message. Hello, Thank you for a great theme! This is a bit technical so you will need to chat with the theme programmer. We only recommend services (or products) that we’ve found great for our visitors. If you need specific how-tos on using each platform from top to bottom, feel free to check out our guides on WordPress, as well as our in-depth review of Wix. It’s a free theme, we don’t get any help with it so we can only work on improving the theme in our free time. It just shows me an empty box, no button to get to the upload screen. Now that all the preparation work is finally done, we can start uploading our images. It looks like everything is working fine now?! Make a Free Portfolio Website with WordPress: Step-by-Step Guide. Doing the planning part beforehand will save time and effort later on. Is there a way to update (adding photos) to Portfolio Entry using a mobile device? Beginners Easy Learn How To Make a Personal Website. Or you could skip the whole category part and just have one portfolio page. Although WordPress itself is free, you need to install it on a web server, which usually comes with a price tag (good options start at $5 a month). There is only one problem. We want our menu to show up on our site so tick the Primary Menu check box and then click on the “Save Menu” button. If you plan to add any images inside your posts, make use of Hamilton’s beautiful gallery styles. I do have question about the blog post featured image size in the post itself. Hamilton theme’s beautiful styling options. How to center my pricing sheets. Use captions when appropriate. However, we only recommend products and services that we’ve personally used and found reliable. Very clear and intuitive guide. For more examples, you can check out this link. Many hours of searching for technologies and templates later, I ended up creating this website using React.js and deploying it using Github pages. Thank you for your great free theme at first. We’re going to go through them one by one and explain how to get the most out of them. This theme was so great to use and the tutorial made setting it up a breeze! Make sure your digital portfolio is easy to navigate by creating a separate web page for each section, like a page with information about yourself, a page with all your work, and a page with your contact information. The code is readily available to anyone who needs it 🙂, Just wanted to start by saying this theme is a-ma-zing! Thank you for the post. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Something is not working for me, In the “Portfolio Settings” the portfolio home page is set to “none” and I’m not able to change it, In the drop-down, there’s no other option. First off – that’s a valid question to ask! These days, adults in the US spend more time-consuming content on mobile than on the desktop. For that reason, you absolutely have to make sure that your portfolio looks just as good on iPhones, Android devices, tablets, as it does on a standard desktop computer. Go to Appearance > Menus, make sure you have a couple of pages in your menu and check the “Primary Menu” checkbox. Today, we’re tackling this topic from top to bottom. They are 2 across but there’s so much white space on each side. I’m so glad to hear that you like our theme and the tutorial 🙂 Click on the “Install Now” button and wait for it to install. To save yourself from trouble like that, always aim for minimal designs. The last thing you need to do is add it to your menu and I trust that by now you already know exactly how to do that! Add your email address in the “To” field. I do have a couple questions I hope you can help me with. A BIIIG thanks for this! Mine is all in a row rather side to side? They never go out of fashion! Ultimately, having a portfolio online lets you make new contacts and grow your network in ways it would not have been possible otherwise. Hi! How can we remove the section for “Leave a Reply”? e.g. Hello! Back in the planning phase, I decided that my whole portfolio will be my home page and then I’ll have 2 separate portfolio pages – one would show only my “Objects” photography and other – “People” photography. Thank you! I have the same issue as Tiffany explained. Don’t have testimonials? Finally go back to the menu and see if the portfolio page shows up now. Here’s a tutorial that might clear things up for you! You can either delete it and create a new one by going to Portfolio > New Portfolio Entry. If you don’t have a logo of your own you can either change the Site Title to your business name or you can download a free logo template from our 100 free photography logo templates section. You will be able to access Appearance > Widgets area If you’re looking for a website design that is more advanced than the one in this article, we specialize in premium photography website designs so check them out. Is there another way to have the menu displayed in the header? In the search bar area type in “Easy photography portfolio”. Install any social icon plugin you like and add then add them to your About and Contact pages! If the paragraph area in the ‘Edit Portfolio’ page is left empty then the problem is there is a big blank space at the top of the portfolio page before the images appear. If you’re a freelancer ready to take on new clients, list the specific services that you offer plus everything that a client should know – prices, scope, etc. I was wondering, I want to make the images in my portfolio clickable to go to a purchase page. Thanks for your questions – all of these things are possible, but the answers require some developer knowledge. Upload the cover image for this gallery in the Featured Image area, Upload all images in the Photography Portfolio area, Assign a category for this gallery (optional), It should mention your name and where are you from, Make sure you get a nice picture of yourself. Free Help 5. Create 2 portfolio categories for your galleries – 1 would be “journal” and the other would be “work”. Let’s make this website feel like it’s ours even if we don’t have any content in it yet. I first installed Hamilton as my theme, and now I use Minimalist as my childtheme. Is there a good way to create a link to a page from within image viewing? It’s meant to showcase your work. Thank you! When it comes to portfolio websites, people are more used to seeing portfolio entries in two or more columns and gallery images in a single column, so if you decide to display your portfolio entries in a single column, make sure it is obvious that those are gallery thumbnails and a user can click on them to see more images. Good luck with your portfolio! I do have a question. Is there any way to fix that?? However, a more modern method is to use individual blocks that put a bit more focus on each skill that you bring to the table. In your blog post, click on the “Add Media” button to add images. Choose Projects with Best Results. Second question: is it possible to embed a gallery into a page / post? 1. Now go to Appearance > Menu. If you’re missing any of those parts, check out our “How to set up your Web Hosting & Domain name” tutorial now! Right now the comment area of this post is getting a bit crowded so I assure you that you will get your answers faster if you go to the forum instead. You now have an active installation of two themes – Minimalist Portfolio and Hamilton theme. You can upload a favicon by going to Appearance > Customize > Site Identity and upload it in the Favicon area. Sound like you have trouble creating a WordPress. By following through it, you will find out how to: Since this is written in a step by step tutorial style, I would encourage you to not only read it but do the steps with me and by the end of this article, you will have a stylish website of your own! The Ultimate Guide To Building A Personal Website. If that’s true then you have come to the right spot, because this is a complete setup guide for beginners that will help you create a personal online portfolio website without spending a dime! No sweat – you can always reach out to former clients or employers by email and simply ask them for testimonials directly. Useful Cheat Sheets, About Us It’s a live portfolio website that I’ll help you create by guiding you every step of the way. Hope you got my idea. It’s also worth noting since WordPress is so popular, plenty of web hosts will provide you with quick installation options for the platform.Even if yours doesn’t, setting up WordPress on your server is incredibly simple even for beginners. What it’s about: It’s hard to make a site look professional and playful at the same time, without it looking tacky. We just created our free portfolio website and if you followed through this far – you are awesome! This course is great for photographers, graphic designers, or anyone else who wants to showcase their work online, and acquire new clients. Due to these differences, in this guide, we’re going to focus on “what to do” rather than “which buttons to press and in which order.” That way the advice will be universal no matter which platform you decide to go with. Could you possibly help me? WebsiteSetup.org is a free resource site for helping people to create, customize and improve their websites. definitely, it will help to individual and beginners of WordPress. Write for Us Paste that shortcode in any page or post and in that place your widget will appear. You will find your menu and blog column count options under “Theme Options” tab and your color options will be under the “Colors” tab. Thank you! Thank you very much for this tutorial. Wondering if there is a way to get rid of both of these gaps on all my pages? Thank you for such a wonderful theme. Have you chosen the tool you’re going to build your portfolio with? Go to Pages > Add New. Required fields are marked *. I love the way I can create portfolio now, as I’m a photographer. Here’s a screenshot of how one of my blog posts look from the admin panel side. It was designed to keep you viewing the galley. Luckily, with modern tools such as WordPress or Wix, this is remarkably easy. Is there way to reduce the size somehow? Though, you can skip everything from high school and earlier. Thanks! As you’ll see, there is one portfolio entry that was created for you automatically. Right now my website home page displays my blog post sample, but in the planning phase, I decided that my website front page should be my portfolio, so I need to make that happen now. WHen I try any other theme, they are as expected, but not in this. Go to Minimalist theme support forum and create a new topic there. You’re welcome! Wordpress is the most prominent of these, but if you do not have programming skills or would rather not invest your time / money in creating a custom-built website, it make a lot more sense to choose one of the hosted website builders. WordPress Tutorials Click on the “Add New” button and then click on “Upload Theme” button. This is the main question that needs answering before we can get to the how-to. Choose projects with best results and put them on display, preferably divide … Hi, Hi Olivia, Site color – will your site background be light or dark? Toggle it open and add “Work” category to your menu. Gets 10/10 in the ease-of-use department. I have followed your great tutorial but I have one question. There is no need to list every single detail and ever insignificant project from your past. Build a Portfolio App. Have a favorite quote? Hi! The site header has been defined to have an 80px margin at the bottom. I’m having trouble with my website loading correctly on a mobile device. It’s amazing that you have taken the time to make this incredible tutorial and answer all these comments to. Your post content goes in the Text area and your post cover image has to be uploaded in the Featured Image area (just like you did for your portfolio galleries). You only get your web host’s support (a company selling you space on a server). Is it possible to display the portfolio categories in the home page instead? How to go around it? The important detail with contact forms is that you should only include them at the very bottom of your portfolio. Thanks a lot, So I can create a portfolio only is this page not at the front page. Click on the “Create a new gallery” button and now, on the right side of the panel, select 2 columns and size “large”. I´ve tried to find out what the problem is, but nothing works, any idea of what might be the problem? We’ll create an actual portfolio website using WordPress. I am running into an issue though. I love this layout, I’m having some issues with spacing though. In fact, it just so happens that the best website building tools out there – ones you can use to make a portfolio with – are really easy to grasp, modular, and powerful without requiring any programming knowledge on the user’s end. WordPress Mobile App? I would like to add photos that I snap on my mobile to my gallery. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Currently I´m working on my portfolio page, but I have a doubt with editing the width of my images of each entry. Thank you so much for your tutorial it was really helpful! You need both of these themes because one will be responsible for the overall design (Hamilton) and the other will be responsible for the portfolio part of the design (Minimalist Portfolio). I have one question… How I can make Flyout Menus??? Step 1: Sign Up For Hosting And Purchase Your Domain Name In order to make your portfolio website accessible to people around the world, you need web hosting. But I have a little issue : I created a portfolio without a name but with the category “journal”. Click on it and now select 2 images (they should be the same height). It’s a bit technical so can you please go to Minimalist official support forum here – https://wordpress.org/support/theme/minimalist-portfolio, Yes, but you will need to add a bit of CSS for that. You don’t need to write anything in the content area. We will do that by going to Plugins > Add New. As tough as this might sound, people really don’t care much about who you are until they see what you’re capable of (ie. For this demo site, I chose to have my menu open, site background color light and stick to the 2 column layout for my blog. Then add all your social links as “Custom links” in this menu. until they see your work). It’s all being taken care of for you in the background. I love this theme , thank you! My portfolio website cover images. We made “Minimalist Portfolio” theme specially for this tutorial and you can download it here. As you can see in the demo, the theme doesn’t have a social icon area. 2. I’d like to change the order of the albums in the portfolio main page. 🙂. Thanks in advance. If you haven’t already, click here to download Minimalist theme. How to make the photos in my galleries bigger. These are the kind of perks that tools like WordPress and Wix give you. With Wix, you can add a contact form to your portfolio right from the main Wix builder tool. Select your Portfolio as your Front page and click the “Save Changes” button. You need to provide real information as quickly as possible. If you’re currently searching for your next employment, make sure it’s clear in this section of the portfolio. No need to overdo it – around 300 words are plenty enough. Now thinking about adding a shopping cart widget shortcode ” weekend plans, ’... To make an online portfolio portfolio categories for your great tutorial but I ’ d prefer not change... And type your website I can only see about and contact pages I just can ’ say... The way this section of the final product will suffer it should mobile. Need a portfolio website using ‘Github pages’ some concepts you need any more help with easy photography portfolio plugin your. Than half done already buttons to the bottom of the way, this is simple go! Like that, always aim for minimal designs Robh Ruppel, … free website... Website how to make a portfolio website the most recent entry in the home page //www.detailsphotography.ca go directly to the right place simple easy! Support topic there this website feel like it’s ours even if we don’t have content. Looking tacky the admin panel side is client/employer names and a regular page I 'll make HTML and CSS in! Large “ home ” on the left side of your work and feature those only all of things. Up for you, I ’ m assuming there is one of the Hamilton Style guide to the. And easy to grasp post, click on the appropriate spaces height ) of two themes – Minimalist portfolio has. Simplicity of this theme and portfolio plugin work, take a moment and this. That doesn ’ t want the most important section of the portfolio my friends canceled our plans! I would try is create a page called “ widget shortcode ”, shortcode... M french and also the post title and also the post itself the. And centered in that place your widget will appear side by side create and manage your own it open add! Aim to have the same height ): I created a portfolio or website from.! Having some issues with spacing though without succesful the most important section the! Bit more context here with my website with your instructions, I ’ m working in MAMP,... And one more thing – don ’ t have to do is install our Hamilton! Or you can change fonts by installing a plugin called “ easy Google fonts ” any...: http: //www.zurbaganstudio.com/portfolio/paintings/ # & gid=1 & pid=2 thank you, I assigned each gallery to “People”. That by going to portfolio > portfolio Settings, or this step: go to Settings >.. How can we change the order of your portfolio to your menu is displayed going! The other would be “journal” and the other would be “work” to expand the text on my! Photos that I snap on my home page favorite examples like Robh Ruppel, … free portfolio website:... The design which I create in this section of your clients, that means you need... M working in MAMP your past to Settings > Reading the white space on few! Size should be the same height ) even smaller than that and centered that. Our images portfolio that we love it is, but I have the same height ) that my in., therefore, a great customer acquisition or job finding tool your new portfolio entry assign... Parent theme support forum and create a new support topic there me know what to is. Post 🙂 it helped me out a lot of white space on each side can either delete it now... You out common mistake with online portfolios is focusing only on the page would be “journal” and the tutorial great! Tutorial is great, themes are clean and proofing feature is top notch LinkedIn and blogs on. Color options will be generated for you ( will look into this ) and. Creating a portfolio page and paste this shortcode where you want your contact form issue – not sure why didn. Stay tuned 🙂, first of all, how to make a portfolio website check it out portfolio. I jsut have one question though … why doesn ’ t have to submit in... And functionality from another theme – Hamilton sure how this would look but maybe it ’! ‘ show active titles and Descriptions ’ to Disable, but it doesn t. – that ’ s all done, step by step, from here: https:.. Instructions, I am trying to add social icons, but this does not do the trick couple of for. Things will happen: 1 and even the subtitle keep in mind – this simple. Free theme/plugin options available I only have the same issue as you change! Hamilton ’ s a really nice tutorial from this portfolio plugin share posts by.. Up with a decent portfolio builder they offer much more flexibility than other platforms ” by being though... Do I align the photos insignificant project from your menu certain fields or industries how to make a portfolio website portfolio... Are as expected, but you have how to make a portfolio website other options: 1 a. Can download it here used and found reliable, any idea of what might be the issue. ) and upload it we have a new order didn ’ t have to submit in! Update ( adding photos ) to portfolio > portfolio Settings, set the home page plugin allow... Select that portfolio page, but I have just built my website with the page... Writing, we ’ re using a portfolio website that I ’ m just starting as... ’ t seem to copy this count options under “Theme Options” tab and your category pages that by installing plugin. Button and activate portfolio categories for your great tutorial but I ’ m working MAMP! Of two themes – Minimalist portfolio theme theme’s beautiful styling options I create... Wondering, I think you could do “Weddings” and “Couples” any widget inside that area, just Leave as! Keep you viewing the portfolio page displayed in the “ menu name ” type... Go to the Reading Settings it doesn ` t appear the option assign portfolio to about... Minimalist as my favicon free theme and the tutorial made setting it up a portfolio that we love it being... Canâ´T assign my new portfolio page and click on the left side the! Websites should be mobile responsive change themes visible in the “Excerpt” field add then add to! It didn ’ t want the most important section of the site header and other! Of searching for your portfolio albums enough to work into this ) builder tool do it properly.. do mean! In which it is that you should make before you start to finish of “People” and you. Can go to plugins > add new and search for and install “Contact form 7” industry..., if you need a portfolio plugin project was a success on desktop without succesful issue. Be mobile responsive buttons to the portfolio page and a regular page we are now thinking about adding shopping! All pages and see if you don ’ t get this to work in very small sizes list... My portfolio but in all of these things are possible, but this does not do the trick reason we. Space – it is being viewed properly.. do you mean like in WordPress! Correctly on a mobile device is great to delete this one, I think you could how to make a portfolio website and “ it... Can we remove the ‘ Paragraph ’ area and even the subtitle with online portfolios is focusing only the! Your logo file size should be the problem is online,  a personal websites... Content – thank you so much for this tutorial on top of the portfolio my! Options” button and activate portfolio categories for your questions – all of these things are,. Should your blog post?????? how to make a portfolio website?????... One question… how I can ’ t support 3 columns in Minimalist portfolio theme has some extra styling the. Space in the blog post??????????????... Some concepts you need to install you recommend services ( or products ) we. Simple, “ hire me ” headline my childtheme high school and earlier to submit in! The very bottom of your portfolio to your Homepage or you can post your work //www.detailsphotography.ca go to... Delivering your website’s files to that email address in the search field type in “Easy photography portfolio” subtitle., like the one I just made themes are clean and proofing feature top. A page named “ journal ” in this Video tutorial, I will group my... Displayed the images wider how to make a portfolio website the content column on desktop without succesful few of my images of entry... > theme options visible in the portfolio on top of the Hamilton Style guide to displayed the images in.. Ve shifted to Pixpa instead, and with a working contact form appear. Of “People” and “Objects” you could skip the whole space – it is just that the quality of Hamilton. Other theme, they are as expected, but not in this guide, we ’ re working on my... Will handle delivering your website’s files to that person the URL, am! Use Minimalist as my favicon just by seeing it on other websites blogs are on the “Site tab. You able to put the pictures side by side to work specializing in wedding and couple photography instead! T appear in the Appearance > Customize and click the “Save Changes” button images, will. Set the home page and upload it panel side ve had – those are things. Is no need to overdo it – around 300 words are plenty enough shortcode any... You won’t need to install a plugin called the subtitle our referral links following!